Northern California Naginata Federation

The Northern California Naginata Federation (NCNF) holds classes in the Bay Area, including San Francisco and San Jose. NCNF is a martial arts organization with the purpose of the development and administration of atarashii naginata in the region of Northern California. It was established in 1990 by Miyako Tanaka and Malyne Hazard, along with others who were practicing since the early 1970s. NCNF conducts seminars, runs tournaments, conducts ranking examinations, and generally fosters the development of naginata while maintaining the rigorous standards of the art. It is a regional affiliate of the United States Naginata Federation which is in turn a regional affiliate of the International Naginata Federation.


What is Naginata?

Naginata is a Japanese weapon consisting of a sword mounted to the end of a staff. The art of wielding the naginata has been handed down through the generations since its use in the battlefields in medieval Japan. Naginata is unique among martial arts in the following way: for the last three centuries the tradition of Naginata has been kept alive primarily by women. Atarashii (modern) Naginata is the most widespread form of naginata practiced today. It was created in 1955 and is a standardized combination of techniques from the most influential of the traditional schools of naginata in Japan at that time. Practice includes the use of both kata (choreographed practice) and shiai (full-contact sparring with flexible weapons and armor). The All Japan Naginata Federation (AJNF) defines technical specifications for regulations and promotion.

Affiliations and Sponsors

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